Student Tool Kits

Mastering Each Tool

Tribeca Barber & Beauty School is committed to the success of our students. As a result, these student toolkits are carefully chosen by teachers, to assist you in your learning with us. Produced by professionals for students, these toolkits are essential in helping you master the craft of your career. 

Doing hands-on work leads to learning with increased engagement and better retention. Whether a barber or a cosmetologist, use these tools to get the most hands-on experience and perfect the skills and craft of barbering, hairdressing, and makeup. Freely use these tools on your clients, or close family/friends to train yourself even further. 

Browse each toolkit below, designed to help students improve their craft in school!

Table of Contents:

Barber Tool Kit

Wahl Magic Clippers Cordless Kit

Deliver sharp performance and cuts with this cordless clippers kit. Offering speed, and ease of use, it features a comb, blade guard, oil brush, and plastic attachments for an all-in-one preparation.

Andis Trimmer

Use this trimmer as an all-in-one device for hair, beard, sideburns, and mustache. Get crisp, clean lines without irritation and pulling skin.

Oster Disinfectant Spray

The spray acts as a virucide, bactericide, and fungicide, disinfecting all your tools while lubricating and protecting them from rust.

Queen Helene Massage Cream

Blended with mineral oil, paraffin wax, and beeswax, this massage cream quenches dry skin for a relaxing massage experience.

Queen Helene Cleansing Cream

Gently remove impurities and keep skin soft and clean with this cleansing cream. Moisturizes and delivers hydration getting it ready for the next step!

Spray Water Bottle

Use the ultra-fine spray water bottle to saturate and prep hair for cutting. The nozzle wets hair with just the right amount without soaking it, giving a more precise cut.

Cutting Cape

Gentle on skin, with no irritation or redness, protect your client from falling hair, water, shaving cream, and more with this cutting cape.


Showcase to your client the beautiful haircut you just did with the provided mirror. It is lightweight, compact, and easy to take anywhere!

Talc Powder

Made with fine minerals, talc powder helps add comfort to your client after shaving/haircutting. Great for preventing skin chafing, it soaks moisture and helps with nicks/blemishes.

Shaving Cream

Reduce irritation, redness, and razor burns for clients, by using the provided shaving cream. It creates barrier between skin and the razor for a smoother and closer shave.


Disinfect your client after a haircut with alcohol to close pores, and sanitize their head to avoid germs and bacteria from spreading.

Fold-in Razor

Give clients a closer shave with this fold-in razor. Lightweight and durable, the fold-in razor helps keep their face smooth while the gap reduces bacterial growth and water residue.

Cutting Shears

Precise cutting shears allow you to give a natural cut to your client, whilst the finger rest allows you to maneuver freely removing weight and bulk.

Texturizing Shears

Give your clients more shape and volume with these texturizing shears. Don’t give them a boring straight cut, use these for a natural yet textured cut.

Styptic Powder

Mistakes can happen! Use the provided styptic powder to help stop bleeding from shaving nicks, or cuts from hairstyling.

Soft Club Brush

Take away loose hair and give your clients the best fade with this soft club brush. Featuring soft bristles, make brushing more efficient without skin irritation.

Metal Fan Pick Comb

Our metal fan pick comb is durable yet lightweight – sturdy enough to thicken hair but won’t damage your hair and scalp.


Each student has a uniform distinguishing them between a barber and a cosmetologist. Take honor in your bright blue barbering uniform, and protect your skin and clothing.

Neck Strips

Protect hair from falling between the client’s neck and cape. Keep your client’s neck clean and comfortable and catch hair while absorbing water and drips.

Paper Towels

Simple and to the point, these paper towels help clean up any hair fall or water from the misting spray. Gentle enough to use on skin without irritation.

Duffle Bag

Our large bag comes with numerous compartments and sections to keep all your tools organized. Take it everywhere at the barbershop or a home appointment.

Cosmetology Tool Kit


Each student has a uniform distinguishing them between a barber and a cosmetologist. Take honor in your maroon red cosmetology uniform, and protect your skin and clothing.

Duffle Bag

Our large bag comes with numerous compartments and sections to keep all your tools organized. Take it anywhere to the salon or a home appointment.

Flat Iron

Smoothen and straighten hair with this easy, lightweight iron. Its slim design and technology allows you to achieve beautiful results without damaging your hair.

Blow Dryer

Get beautiful blowouts and voluminous hairstyles with the provided blow dryer. Settings allow for drying and styling flexibility, while the ceramic coating protects hair from heat damage.

Haircutting Shears

Precise cutting shears allow you to give a natural cut to your client. The finger rest allows you to maneuver freely removing weight and bulk.

Color Bowl / Tint Brush

The mixing color bowl and tint brush combo gives you accurate and complete mixing of hair colors for an even, brightly colored hue.

Spray Bottle

Use the ultra-fine spray water bottle to saturate and prep hair for cutting. The nozzle wets the hair with the right amount with soaking it, giving a more precise cut.

Roller Set (6 Dozen)

Make beautiful waves and curls for short, medium, and long hair lengths. Easy to use, and easy to remove without damaging or pulling on hair.

Tint Applicator Bottle

The applicator bottle design makes it easy to use for all hair coloring jobs. Slim nozzle allows for precise application of color while also dispensing just the right amount.

Highlighting Caps

High-quality silicone highlighting caps great for technical and non-technical coloring jobs. Achieve fast, accurate results for the best highlights.

All-Purpose Combs (2)

Use these combs on wet and dry hair for anything from brushing out hair, to assisting with haircutting. Flexible and durable for any use!

Rat Tail Combs (6)

Anti-static, lightweight, and durable, rat-tail combs allow you to tease hair for a more voluminous look. The pointed edge makes parting hair more precise and the fine teeth comb leaves hair smooth and silky.

3-Pc Brush Set

Coming in a variety of different barrels, use the brush set to create smaller curls or larger loose curls when blow-drying.

Teasing Brush

Tease hair with this brush to add volume and depth, while the bristles gently massage scalp without damaging hair.

Single Prong Clips

Use these single prong clips to hold hair down for any hairstyle. The design allows hair to be held down in place without snagging and tearing out hair.

All-Purpose Clips

All-purpose clips are perfect for a wide variety of styling techniques. Use these clips to pin curls, hold shape, add root volume, and more!

Makeup Set

This professional makeup set comes with brushes to create vibrant looks. From bright eyes to smoky shadows, the pigmented colors and sturdy brushes will help achieve the desired look wanted!

Milady Textbook

Learn all about the foundation and standards of cosmetology with the Milady textbook. Over 750 photos to provide a visual resource for today’s learners.

Hair Shaper / Razor

Use the tool to shape, style, thin, and texturize your client’s hair to create all kinds of hairstyles. Ergonomic design for maximum comfort, and sharp razor to easily cut hair without damaging it.

Curling Iron

Create beautiful tight curls or loose waves with the curling iron. Ceramic build with a lightweight design to protect hair from heat damage.

Mannequins (2)

Get two mannequins to practice on! Whether it be for hairstyling or creating makeup looks, these will be helpful to envision your ideas into life.

Thinning Shears

Get precise, natural cuts with these thinning shears. The wide teeth shears removes weight and bulk from the hair giving a natural cut to your client.

Clippers & Trimmer

Use this trimmer as an all-in-one device for hair and facial hair. Get crisp, clean lines without irritation and damaging hair.

Manicure Set

Classic manicure set for hand care, facial care, and foot care. The stainless steel and lightweight tools are sturdy for all grooming needs.

Perm Rods

Use these easy perm rods to set hair during chemical treatments. Comes in various sizes to achieve looser or tighter curls!

End Papers

Protect hair from damage during treatments and perms with these end papers. Perfect to absorb excess treatment and evenly distribute perm solution.

Highlighting Foil

Thick and durable, use these high-quality foils to color hair. Easy to use, and doesn’t make noise/rip easily.

Cutting Combs (6)

These thin combs allow you to achieve clipper cuts and more. The ideal choice for hair styling with heat, and cutting without pulling or snagging on hair.

Highlighting Combs (2)

All-in-one highlighting comb, use this for sectioning/weaving hair! Perfect for all types of haircoloring from highlights to balayage.

Smoothing Brush

Great for any professional hairstyling kit, the air cushion pad and soft bristles makes this perfect for gently detangling and styling hair.

Paddle Brush

Use on wet or dry hair to smoothen and detangle before any hairstyling. It is sturdy enough to smoothen and volumize hair without snagging.

Butterfly Jaw Clamps

Resembling butterfly wings, use the butterfly clamp to easily hold and section hair during styling. The easy-to-use mechanism makes this perfect, and the gentle clamp doesn’t pull and snag on hair.


Gentle with no skin irritation, protect your client from hair fall, water, chemicals, and more with this cape.

Color Wheel

Color theory is important! Use the provided color wheel to find and create complimentary colors for hairstyling and makeup!

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