How to Become a Cosmetologist in 2024?


Decades ago, the beauty industry wasn’t a sought-after job, and something most people would turn to as a career. Now, the beauty industry is one of the largest and most popular career fields for many aspiring cosmetologists. From hairstyling, to skincare, and cosmetics, cosmetology covers many areas on the study and application of beauty. Thus, to become a cosmetologist is an incredibly successful career,  allowing many individuals to branch out their services to encompass different areas.

If you love the science of skincare, different hairstyles to framing one’s face, and makeup to accentuate your face, becoming a cosmetologist may be a passion for you to achieve! Keep reading below for all the steps on how become a cosmetologist.

Table of Contents:

Step 1: Have Hands-on Beauty Training and Graduate from a NYS Approved Cosmetology School

Hands-on training is incredibly important, so that you to master the craftsmanship of cosmetology and how to become a cosmetologist. You are able to know clients and get used to different services they may want. By obtaining a comprehensive education, and precise training in hairstyling, makeup artistry, etc. you will be prepared to graduate from your NYS approved cosmetology school and pass the exam.

And look no further in finding an approved cosmetology school to become a cosmetologist! Tribeca Beauty and Barber School is a NYS approved beauty school that offers an all-inclusive 1000 HR cosmetology program teaching hairstyling, makeup artistry, nail tech, etc.

Step 2: Apply for the NYS Cosmetology License

Congratulations on completing and graduating from your NYS Approved cosmetology school! You are finally ready to apply for your cosmetology license which requires just a few steps:

Have School Director Complete NYS Approved School Section

Submit $40 Application Fee

Once you have completed the above steps, you should receive a confirmation email to schedule a date for your required exams. You also have the option to get a temporary six-month license allowing you to work legally without taking the full exam. The temporary license is $10, and can be given when one passes the written or practical section of the exam.

Step 3: Pass the NYS Cosmetology Exams

The NYS Cosmetology Exams consists of a written exam and a practical exam. The written exam is a multiple-choice exam reviewing everything you learned in your courses! It is a 2½ hour exam, and you will need a 70% score to pass.

The practical exam is the second part that consists of hands-on review. You must be in clean, appropriate attire and requires you to bring your own supplies. This exam requires a 70% score to pass and takes at least 3 ½ hours to complete, covering topics such as:

Professional Appearance, Preparation of Work Area & Client Preparation

Hair Cutting Techniques

Blow-drying & Styling Techniques

Thermal Curling Iron Techniques

Chemical Services

Clean Up of Work Area

Once you have passed both, you will be issued your 4-year cosmetology license and you have finally become a cosmetologist!

Step 4: Become a Cosmetologist and Start You Career

Once again, congratulations on all the hard work you did to become a fully licensed cosmetologist! The beauty of this is that you have the freedom to choose what you would like to do after. NYS has many incredibly chic salons allowing you to work under mature salons and showcasing your styles and skills!

You may also consider opening up your own salon, giving yourself the ability to become your own entrepreneur. Whether you want to work under a renowned salon, or open up your own salon to become your own cosmetologist, read our other article and find out how to open up your own salon and live your best cosmetology dreams out!

Step 5: Maintain and Renew Your Cosmetology License

Cosmetology licenses expire in four years, so make sure you are maintaining your dates and keeping track on when to renew your license. Though there are no specifics in continuing education for renewal, we always recommend in continuing your education. You are able to stay up-to-date with the newest trends/tools, and take full advantage of the cutting-edge and innovative services you can offer to your clients!

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