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Now that you have become a fully licensed barber, you have two paths to choose from! While being able to secure a job with many top-rated barbershops in NYC is much easier, the ultimate goal is to be able to open a barber shop and operate it. And there are many benefits to opening your own barber shop!

To open a barber shop is a stable and successful career as everyone always needs a haircut. Therefore, you’ll have a stable income without worrying so much about finances. Furthermore, you’re free to choose your own schedule, work hours, barbershop layout, colors, styles, and more. You will be able to express your creative pursuits and craftsmanship by owning and operating your own barber shop. So what does it take to be able to open a barber shop in NY?

A lot of research planning and preparation are needed to open a barber shop. We compiled a list of some aspects you should look into when owning and operating a barber shop:

Table of Contents:

Research and Planning

Planning out how you want to open a barber shop requires a considerable amount of time and research. While you may think it shouldn’t take so long, you need to think about many different things. 
Who will be your target demographic? What do you want to name your barber shop? What is your mission statement? You have to research and ask yourself these questions before starting the process to open a barber shop. We recommend creating a vision board with inspiration about barber shop names and layouts to make it easier for you to envision your goals. 

Location and Equipment

The second most important step is location. Where do you want to specifically open a barber shop or beauty school ? This decision is important and requires numerous questions to ask yourself. Would you like to open up your establishment in high traffic areas such as NYC? Or would you like to open up in smaller, more intimate areas such as the suburbs? 
What equipment is better suited for your needs? Would you like high-tech tools, or the basic essentials? You can research supplies and consider financing options when needed. As your shop continues to grow, you can start upgrading your work tools and be the best barber you can be. 
And while finances may make a huge decision in location, you can research resources and companies to assist you with business planning. 


As your barber shop continues to scale and grow, the question of staffing and hiring process may occur. We recommend starting by yourself first, unless you have staff you can trust. This will allow you to understand your clients and the culture surrounding your shop. 
Later on, it may get harder. And while it is easy in the beginning to open a barber shop, it can start getting busy trying to wear many hats.  This is where staffing comes in. Figure out what qualities you would like your employees to have, and what interview questions you would like to ask them. Then you can see what customer service skills and technical trainings they need. 

Marketing and Promotion

Marketing and promoting your business is important to allow your business to keep flourishing. Word-of-mouth is a great marketing approach in the beginning. Your family and friends should be your biggest supporters so ask them to help out on their social medias too. 
Eventually, you will want to build marketing strategies that will assist in advertising. Online presence, customer referrals, retention programs, and community outreach are some of the biggest resources that can help grow your business. 

Operations and Management

Logistics and operations will be the backbone of your business. Would you like to have a reception or host to assist in scheduling/booking as you get busy? Would you like to start selling products and manage inventory? 
Expenses and data like bookkeeping and budgeting are also needed for financial management. You can also hire staff to assist in management and coordination.


We hope this section has assisted you in the process to open a barber shop in places like NYC. Keep in mind every case is different, but these are some key points in remembering what it takes to open and operate your own barber shop. 
  • Create a vision board so you can research and plan your goals for the future 
  • List out and seek locations you would like to place your barbershop at 
  • Hire staff as you get busy to assist you in cutting and styling hair
  • Promote and market your business through social media, customer referrals and more to grow your business 
  • Focus on logistics and operations to make finances and management smoother 

We are confident you can open a barber shop and operate it! With over 40 years of administrative experience in barbering and beauty at Tribeca Barber & Beauty School, we are here to help you. Our expertise will assist you with rules, regulations, and any issues that may come up! 

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