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The success of our graduates is our top priority here at Tribeca Barber & Beauty School. 

We strive to prepare our graduates theoretically and practically, hone all their skills, and introduce them to the details of the functioning of the beauty and grooming industry. Thus, our career counseling services and resources are there to prepare professionals ready for success.

Services and Resources

Whether you have no idea what you want to do after graduation, or you know exactly what you want to do, we’re here to support you on your path. Tribeca Beauty and Barber School programs, resources, and services are designed to support our students and alumni. 

Career Counseling

• Discover a path of what our students want to do based on their journey and career options
• Learn the fundamental skills and craft of barbering/cosmetology through hands-on practice with real clients and applying that outside of the classroom
• Create relationships our students need with other students and staff to advance and launch their careers 
• Assist in the future profession of finding a career through job fairs, resume preparations, partnerships, and more.

Certificado Profesional

Obtenga un Certificado de Barbero al finalizar

La Formación Práctica

Todas las clases prácticas se llevan a cabo con clientes reales.

Horario flexible

Grupos de mañana, tarde y fin de semana disponibles

Conocimiento Fundamental

No se requiere título ni experiencia previa

4 Meses para Completar

Curso de 510 horas completado en 17 a 26 semanas.


Nuestros profesores hablan inglés, español y ruso

Job Listings

Completing our barbering or cosmetology courses can open up various career opportunities in the grooming and beauty industry. Here’s a list of potential jobs you can apply for after graduating our school.


Work in a barbershop or salon providing general haircuts, styling, and grooming services to clients.

Salon Manager

Take on a managerial role in a salon, overseeing daily operations, staff management, and customer relations.

Men's Grooming Specialist

Focus on specialized grooming services for men, such as beard shaping, hot towel shaves, and other grooming treatments.

Color Specialist

Specializes in hair coloring techniques, offering services like highlights, lowlights, and color corrections.

Product Representative

Represent and promote barbering or grooming product lines, working with manufacturers or distributors.

Freelancer Barber

Provide on-location barbering services for events, weddings, or as a personal grooming consultant.

Barber Educator/Instructor

Teach aspiring barbers in vocational/barber schools, community colleges, or training institutions.

Barbershop Owner

Start and manage your own barbershop business.

Platform Artist

Demonstrate your skills at industry events, trade shows, or workshops, showcasing new techniques and trends.

Celebrity Barber

Work with high-profile clients, including celebrities, providing personalized grooming services.

Barber Consultant

Offer expertise and advice to barbershops or salons looking to improve their services or business operations.

Barbering for Film/TV

Work on film and television sets, styling actors’ hair according to the requirements of the production.

Barbering Blogger/Influencer

Share your expertise through blogs, social media, or YouTube, influencing trends and showcasing your skills.

Barber Supply Store Manager

Manage a store that sells barbering supplies, tools, and products.

Barbering Workshop Organizer

Plan and conduct workshops or seminars to teach advanced techniques to other barbers.


Work in a salon or spa providing a variety of beauty services, including hair cutting, styling, coloring, skincare, and nail care.


Specializes in skincare services, offering facials, waxing, and other treatments to enhance and improve the skin’s appearance.

Hair Stylist

Focuses specifically on hair services, including cutting, styling, and coloring.

Nail Technician

Provide nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, and nail extensions.

Makeup Artist

Specialize in makeup application for various occasions, including weddings, photo shoots, and special events.

Salon Manager

Take on a managerial role in a salon, overseeing staff, managing daily operations, and ensuring client satisfaction.

Beauty Educator/Instructor

Teach cosmetology techniques and skills at beauty schools or training institutions.

Color Specialist

Become an expert in hair coloring techniques, offering services like highlights, balayage, and color corrections.

Spa Manager

Manage the operations of a spa, overseeing skincare, massage, and other wellness services.

Product Sales Representative

Represent and promote beauty or skincare product lines, working with manufacturers or distributors.

Freelance Cosmetologist

Offer on-location beauty services for weddings and various events or as a personal beauty consultant.

Esthetics Instructor

Teach aspiring estheticians in vocational schools or community colleges.

Celebrity Makeup Artist/Hairstylist

Work with high-profile clients, including celebrities, for events, photo shoots, or film and television productions.

Beauty Blogger/Influencer

Share your beauty expertise through blogs, social media, or YouTube, influencing trends and showcasing your skills.

Cosmetology School Owner

Start and manage your personal cosmetology school.

Spa Consultant

Offer expertise and advice to spas or wellness centers looking to improve their services or business operations.

Product Development Specialist

Work with beauty product companies to develop and test new products.

Medical Esthetician

Provide specialized skincare services in a medical setting, working with dermatologists or plastic surgeons.

Cosmetic Sales Representative

Sell beauty and skincare products to retailers or directly to consumers.

Platform Artist

Demonstrate your cosmetology skills at industry events, trade shows, or workshops.

Specific opportunities available to you may depend on your location, demand of barbers/cosmetologists in your area, and the particular skills you develop during your courses. Networking, gaining experience, and continuously updating your skills will also contribute to your success in the industry!

Job Placement Assistance

We help our newly minted specialists find themselves and prepare them to enter the world of hairdressing, barbering and cosmetology. We will prepare you for your future profession and help you quickly find a job by providing services, advice, and material on:

Resume Preparation

We are happy to help graduates of our school of barbering and cosmetology in creating a personal resume. Based on your preferences in the profession, as well as your individual experience and knowledge, we will help you correctly present yourself as a professional in your resume. Your success is our top priority - join us and confidently step into a rewarding career.

Interview Skills

A job interview is undoubtedly an extremely significant step in getting the job itself. Don't worry about your behavior or how you present yourself to your future employer. Our professionals will walk you through the most often pitfalls and intricacies of interviews, and teach you what to say and how to do things so that you have the best chance of getting the job.

One-on-one Advising

In case you are bothered with any questions or concerns about your career or your current studies that you would like to discuss with someone in private, we can always provide you with an experienced consultant. Rest assured that you will be heard and our personalized approach with individualized counseling to solving the issues of our graduates will leave you satisfied.

Job Fairs

You can always count on finding something for yourself at a career fair. An open world of different vacancies in all cells of our specialties will provide you with a wide spectrum of choices. These events aims to bridge the gap between our talented students and thriving opportunities.

Third-Party Partnerships

To achieve the most effective development of our students, we enter into partnerships with other companies in the field of cosmetology and barbering. Establishing these kinds of relationships opens up different opportunities to provide students with access to a variety of internships, practicums, and job openings.

Employment Boards

We will answer any questions you may have about future employments in our industry. You will hear valuable and useful advice that will help you become a professional in the cosmetology or barbering niche that you choose for yourself.

Job Search Tools

By following the button below, you will head to where you may explore many related vacancies in different locations and choose amongst ones that suit you best.

Student Success Stories


Justin has chose barbering after seeing how successful his friends were when they chose this path. He chose Tribeca because it’s convenient, our different teaching styles and methods, and the hands-on experience through diverse clients walking in.

If you would like to find out more about our alumni, click the button below.

Industry Insights

New York beauty industry insights for students' successful career

Statistics on Wages and Employment

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, in May 2022, the following indicators are available for New York:


Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, and Hairdressers: 


Alumni Career Support FAQs

¿Educa a los estudiantes sobre el lado comercial de la industria de la belleza?

¡Sí! Nuestro personal administrativo tiene 40 años combinados de experiencia administrativa en barbería/belleza. Por lo tanto, podemos ayudarlo a navegar por las reglas y regulaciones del Departamento de Licencias del Estado de Nueva York. 

¿Ayudas a encontrar trabajo después de graduarte?

Como parte de nuestro estudiante, contamos con numerosos recursos para encontrar empleo en el campo o convertirnos en su propio operador. Podemos ayudarle tanto con la colocación laboral como con la apertura de su propia barbería. 

Is barbering a good career?

Ser barbero está más de moda que nunca. La barbería aporta muchos beneficios: puedes ganar mucho dinero, la seguridad laboral es el siguiente nivel (las personas siempre necesitarán que les cuiden el cabello), hay muchas interacciones con los clientes y puedes aprovechar tanto tu lado creativo como tu conocimiento empresarial. . Si esto es algo que te interesa, ¡te recomendamos pensar en una carrera en barbería!

¿Puedo obtener una licencia con ustedes?

Las licencias son distribuidas por el estado de Nueva York, por lo que nosotros tampoco podemos hacerlo. Sin embargo, tenemos el conocimiento y las herramientas para ayudarlo a aprobar y obtener uno. 

¿Dónde están ubicados?

Estamos ubicados en 95-16 63rd Rd en Reno Park. Es un barrio bullicioso a poca distancia de restaurantes, farmacias, centros comerciales y más. 

Please visit our FAQ page to find more answers to the most common questions related to beauty education, our school, certification, career development, and more.

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