Infection Control

Course Outline

Tribeca Barber & Beauty School Infection Control Program is a 3 HR course providing comprehensive and well-rounded training that covers contagious diseases transmissions and proper sanitization/sterilization methods. Through in-depth correspondence course training, the successful graduate will have completed the required HIV and Transmission of Contagious Diseases prevention training. They will then be ready for the New York State Board Examination and obtain their NY Master Barber license.

This course helps to ensure that barbers and their apprentices know about the dangers of contagious diseases and know how to prevent transmission from one client to another. You will learn how to disinfect tools and exercise reasonable care while working to ensure the safety of you and your clients. 


This course is offered by correspondence instruction, and is a self study program. A student is afforded as much time as necessary to complete the instructional portion, but the time frame within which the instructional portion of the program is designed to be completed is three hours. A licensed instructor will be available during school hours to address any question or concerns for any student taking the course by correspondence.

In addition, instructors may be contacted through our website and through general email.

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